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Ranger Ready Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin Mist Spray Bottle


Mosquitoes are a nuisance wherever they are found. Unfortunately, many of the most popular destinations like Brazil and India, have mosquitoes in almost every locale. Stay protected and bite-free with the help of Ranger Ready Insect Repellent.

Ranger Ready is a DEET-free insect repellent that keeps bugs away safely and effectively for up to 12 hours.

BUG REPELLENT SPRAY - Ranger Ready scented insect repellent spray uses 20 percent Picaridin as the active ingredient. It can be applied directly to clothing, equipment or skin.

SAFE TO USE - Yes. Picaridin is a CDC-approved active ingredient and registered with the EPA. DEET is a neurotoxin that can be absored when applied to the skin. DEET is also a plasticizer, this means it is capable of eating through rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, rayon, spandex, elastic and auto paint.

QUICK-DRY AND NON-GREASY - Dries fast and film-free! Unlike some other repellents, Ranger Ready can get you on your way fast and without a greasy feeling on your skin.

EASY MIST SPRAY - Ranger Ready's fine mist pump makes it easy to be protected against bugs in even those hard to reach spots. Plus, the various scents are a welcome relief from often-smelly DEET-based formulas.

AMAZING PROTECTION - Protection length can vary based on insect type. Ranger Ready provides 12 hours of protection against ticks and mosquitoes. Chiggers, fleas, flies, gnats and no see ums will stay away up to eight hours.

HOW DOES PICARIDIN WORK? - Picaridin, as with many repellents, works by interupting the insect’s sense of smell. Derived from the naturally occurring compounds Picaridin is the first synthetic repellent to clear modern efficacy and safety tests. It is odorless, non-greasy, easy on the skin, does not damage plastic or clothing, and is not a neurotoxin.

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