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Ceptics Africa Power Plug Adapter Travel Set

With SWadAPt Technology you no longer need to purchase separate adapters for each country you are traveling to. Some countries even have multiple plug types, which makes it hard to choose which adapter to take with you. Specially with the limited space in your luggage. With SWadAPt you can just easily swap the attachments to the country without having to replace the whole adapter.

Ceptics India, Nepal, Bangladesh Travel Adapter Plug with Dual USB

This handy adapter charges up to 3 devices at once and will work in Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Maldives, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Yemen. It is compatible with everything from Cell Phones, iPhones, Travel Chargers, Laptops, Galaxy, CPAP, iWatch, Smart Watch, GoPro, Plus, Google, Tablets, Galaxy S and other 110-240V devices.