DiaResQ Adult's Rapid Recovery Diarrhea Relief


Nothing can ruin a trip faster than needing a bathroom and having none around. Waking up in the morning, knowing you have big plans for the day, but also knowing you WILL need a bathroom can cause plans to change and make you miss once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. But, DiaResQ is here to help!

DiaResQ offers a drug-free option for rapid diarrhea relief that is safe and provides support to your body's natural immune response. Made from natural ingredients, DiaResQ is a safe option for children (1+) and adults.

What Makes DiaResQ Different?

Fast Acting - DiaResQ is designed to work quickly with your body using natural incredients to help stop diarrhea.

Drug-Free - DiaResQ is made with all nature ingredient that help you feel better. With four grams of high-quality protien and immune factors, it can go right to the source and end your tummy troubles.

Gluten-Free - All ingredients are gluten-free for those with allergies or who prefer to forego gluten.

Works With Your Body - Many diarrhea relief aids slow your gut and don't treat the problem. Diarrhea is an immune reponse and plays an important role in clearing out what is cause your body problems. DiaResQ helps your body stay healthy without slowing down what your body does naturally.

How to Use: Take a packet of DiaResQ at the first sign of diarrhea. Fill enclosed cup with water to the 30ml line. Add powder from one packet. Secure lid and shake until the contents are fully dispersed. Immediately drink the entire contents of the cup. Take additional packets as needed, up to three packets per day.

Want to stay diarrhea-free abroad? See our Travelers' Diarrhea Kit, containing DiaResQ and other anti-diarrhea support.

Warnings: CONTAINS EGG AND MILK. Use as directed, if your diarrhea persists seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or nursing, consult a medical professional before use.

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